Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Artist's Eye

My daughter, Nicole, has been spending time this summer redesigning and redecorating her room, and it's been so much fun as she budgets how to spend her money on things that truely make her happy.  This week we were out on the hunt for more decor items and I couldn't believe what we stumbled on!

This amazing artist, Julio G. Meza, has a talent for bringing in natural elements from the sea into beautiful arrangements.  Like a painter chooses just the right colors and blends them just so, Mr. Meza can see the beauty of shells and bones collected, polished and spectacularly assembled.  We researched this artist to find that he never duplicates a piece and is quite well known.  This beautiful piece struck both of us in that the colors are a perfect match to my daughter's "new" room and also that this piece was signed/made the year that Nicole was born!

All for $6.50!  An incredible investment, as his pieces resell for many, many times more.  Although this beauty has a home for quite a while here.  Nicole's new appreciation for this artist has her creating more fun pieces to add to her decor and to find just the right spot to display this new treasure.  We're almost ready for the big "reveal" of her new beach themed oasis of relaxation!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Still kicking, so how 'bout a Pattern Sale!'s been a very long month!  I've had a few medical setbacks that have kept me from creating anything new, so how about a pattern sale to get YOU motivated to create!  Today through Monday (Memorial Day), you can purchase all instant download epatterns from my Etsy shop at a 40% discount!  Enter coupon code 40OFFPATTERNS at checkout to activate your discount.  I've never offered this much of a discount on my patterns before, so take advantage while you can!  Discount applies to all epatterns purchased during this sale!

I have several ideas brewing for new pattern designs that I hope to have ready this summer, providing I can get moving again at full speed by then.  I still get pretty winded just walking, and continue to have some soreness, so my creative spirit has to just hang in the wind until I can catch it again and get it moving!

Until then, I leave you with an old picture of the "hairy one."  We have to keep his hair much shorter now, but this is a photo that Nic took.  It's probably best that you can't see his eyes...or his teeth for that matter, as he hates "dress up time."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Become Smitten with My Latest Epattern!

Meet "Smitten," my newest ePattern!  Smitten is an adorable Snowman Ornament in charge of catching those affectionate little stars filled with wishes!  He was designed to coordinate beautifully with my Catch a Falling Star Snowman Tree Topper pattern.  Little Smitten is super fun and easy to make up with your basic sewing skills.

He wears a detailed top hat and features a tiny contorted nose under those watchful eyes!  He rests in a mitten that doubles as the hanger, and his arms have 'fingers' that have a secure hold on his latest star find!

Available now in my Etsy and Patternmart shops, this pattern may also be purchased through my blog (at the right of this post) at a special price!

And...for the first time ever, I've created a limited number of complete kits to make Smitten and am selling them only here on my blog!

Each kit includes all of the supplies to make one Smitten Snowman Ornament, including fabrics shown, embellishments, stuffing, and matching hand sewing thread.  You will need to supply the tools to complete him.  Kits may be purchased with or without the pattern, which may be either emailed to you or snail mailed together with the kit.  Price includes shipping within the US only.  I will ship to Canada (please contact me for a separate Paypal invoice).  And, as always, I'm happy to make you up a finished Smitten Ornament if you're not the stitchin' kind...just contact me for the details!

Smitten Snowman Kit Only (no pattern):  $12.00

Smitten Snowman Kit with Epattern (emailed to you):  $18.00

Smitten Snowman Kit with Paper Pattern:  $20.00

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dog Days of Spring

Happy Monday!  Little Gizzy celebrates his 14th birthday today, albeit in much slower fashion.  He share's his special day with my Grandma, who would have been 89 today (miss you!).

I have a great new pattern in the works that was designed to compliment my Snowman Tree Topper...I can't wait for you to see it!  I am working to get it completed and ready for sale this week. Unfortunately, it's taking me much longer, as I've been having a lot of medical tests done to see what's churning backwards inside me lately. All will be fine in due time, but suffice to say, I'm moving at a snail's pace at most tasks these days along with the dog!

 Have a wonderfully, creative day!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Anything Goes OFG Style!

The Old Farmhouse Team on Etsy is having fun with our latest celebration! Check out some of these brand new creations as we celebrate with Anything Goes! Type ATGOFG in the search bar on to see all of the fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So much sadness

The lives gone are many.  The devastation is unbelievable.  Stand up where you are and look out...a mile out in front of you, and a mile out to your side.  Imagine if all of that were gone in an instant.  Imagine blinking your eyes to find that opening them only revealed an emptiness and all normality had ceased.  Now, realize that you just witnessed the largest landslide disaster this country has ever seen.

The landslide near Oso is just a half hour's drive from my home.  I've traveled the highway many times through that area on any other regular day like this past Saturday.  The scenery lush with trees, pastures and the Stilly River curving like waves of hair around the mountainous tips and valleys.  It's a marvelous, beautiful trek, full of variety...pastures of horses, alpacas, cows and more.  Bald eagles swooping around for a plentiful hunt.  Deer and sometimes elk dare to appear.

Coping with all of this loss so close to home is difficult.  Knowing that so many of the victims have not been found is heart wrenching.  The hope is still there that some will be found alive, but it dwindles with each day passing.  It's so incredibly dangerous to search, with the slide area still active, the difficult terrain of quicksand-like mud amongst the mass of twisted cars, homes, logs, the river ever constantly weaving through in spots, and the rain.  The rain is suppose to continue and get heavier by week's end.

But that will not stop the force of brave men and women who are risking their own lives to give closure to so many families.  The work is extremely hard and very physically demanding.  The tasks prove very grisly and grim, and I can only imagine how the emotion of actually being out there is taking it's toll on the rescuers.  Their brave resilience, each and every one of them, is just so amazing.

The community is hurting; the wound has spread for miles and miles to all of us that reside here.  But it's also brought many together to give and help and be a part of the solution.  There's a time to ask why, and a time to act.  And a time to grieve.

I don't usually write about such things on my blog; however, today I needed to grieve, and writing helps some.  Today I felt like sharing with you and asking you for just one thing.  As you and your family get together today, either at the day's end or otherwise, tell them you love them.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  Each day is a blessing.  Every moment is a memory.  And every minute really does count.

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Beginnings Celebration!

Oh my...2014 is already in high gear and feeling like a blur!  What have you been up to?  

My friends in the OFG Team on Etsy are all ready for spring with our latest celebration!  Check out over 140 brand new creations here:

I have lots of bunnies hopping around my shop and even some baby lambs corralled in a basket!  Hope you'll take a peek!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seams Unlikely - Nancy Zieman blog tour!

***UPDATE*** Congratulations to "sewquik"!  You are the winner of my giveaway!  Please contact me with your mail address!

 Who inspired you?  The question involves thoughtful reflection into your own journey of those who have stepped into your life, even just for a moment.

Nancy Zieman is probably the most well known face in the world of educational sewing through public broadcasting.  She's been the inspiration for many a sewer to take that leap, try something new, give it a go and be creative.  For over thirty years, she's been teaching us steps in a creative process, always encouraging her viewers with those reassuring words..."the choice is yours."

So when I heard that she was writing an autobiography, titled "Seams Unlikely," I was most certainly intrigued.  Here is an opportunity to meet the very talented woman behind the camera and learn even more about her vision and how she fulfilled her dreams.

It's a story about an incredible journey through physical challenges and honesty that comes from the heart.  When Nancy explains her experiences, you can easily see that this is a woman with unbreakable spirit.  As I soaked in the stories of her childhood and upbringing, I found a kinship in her heartwarming reflections.  She has such a humble nature at telling about an extraordinarily difficult physical journey.  Her story really enlightened me to understand this woman and her true character.  

What I found most inspiring is that Nancy didn't have to establish herself by changing who she is deep inside.  She faced many barriers in developing a woman owned business in an era that was still stereotyped against believing they can succeed.  And she leapt over these obstacles always learning, growing and developing.  All this while dealing with substantial physical challenges which would cause most to give up.  And all this while maintaining integrity, grace and balance.

I confirmed a belief that I have felt since first watching Nancy on TV.  She is the real thing, a genuine character of strong faith with a will to succeed, not just for her products or even her educational instruction, but also in life.  And her story tells it all so beautifully.

Would you like to receive your own copy of Seams Unlikely?  I received an additional copy to give away to one lucky reader of my blog.  Simply become a follower and leave a comment about someone who inspired you for your chance to win (US residents only, please).  I'll draw a name at the end of this blog tour on February 18th, so be sure that you're settings include the ability for me to reply/contact you!

Nancy is also giving away 20 more copies of her book!  Leave a comment on her February 4th blog posting for your chance to win your own copy!  And be sure to stop by these participating blogs in this special tour:

February 4 Nancy Zieman
February 5 Eileen Roche
February 5 Pat Sloan
February 6 Melissa Stramel
February 6 The Long Ladies
February 6 Tori Thompson
February 7 Amy Barickman
February 7 Melissa Mora
February 8 Shari Butler
February 8 Vicki Christensen
February 9 Carolina Moore
February 9 Kate Mclvor
February 10 Amy Ellis
February 10 Melissa Mortenson
February 11 Ilene Miller
February 11 Liz Hicks
February 11 Rachael Pannepacker
February 12 Bill Gardner
February 12 Elizabeth Evans
February 13 Amy Webb
February 13 Lindsay Wilkes
February 14 Gertie Hirsch
February 14 Veronica Philips
February 15 Jenny Gabriel
February 15 Laura Wasilowski
February 16 Frieda Anderson
February 16 Rita Farro
February 17 Cindy Cloward
February 17 Joan Hawley
February 17 Patty Young
February 18 Nancy Zieman

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Take Out Love - A New Pattern Release!

Wow...2014 is already starting off fast!  I've been working on three new pattern designs and now have the latest one ready for you!  Celebrate Valentine's Day for your special someone with a handmade 'take out' container filled with sentiments inside these
beautiful fabric fortune cookies!

This is by far my quickest and easiest project to complete.  The larger container has a beautiful heart cutwork opening that is encased with beadwork and a tinsel garland around the brim.  The smaller container has closure flaps that interlock and a frayed heart complete with a rusty arrow.  And finally, each fortune cookie is trimmed out with beads, and I've included lots of fortune cookie sayings with the pattern.

Find this new pattern along with all of my other designs in my Etsy shop and on  And, of course, if you purchase from my blog, you'll save a little cash!  Have fun creating!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meet the Faces of Handmade...And a Special Coupon for You!

How important is Handmade to you?  With over one million shops on the Etsy venue, it's becoming more difficult to distinguish between a seller that singularly crafts their product verses a seller that uses a manufacturing process to pump out volumes of the same item.  How do you know?

Meet your shop owner!  Etsy is now requiring all shops to put together an "About" page which introduces buyers to the shop owner, their processes and history.  Become educated and support the small business owners who create for you the one-of-a-kind beautiful items that won't be found anywhere else!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy has come together to introduce you to their shops, the artistans AND a nice bit of savings!  Check out all of our partipating shops and find a special coupon code at each shop while you meet the talented artist behind the creations:

I'm running a very special coupon code for this promotion...15% off your purchase of $15 or more!  Hope you stop in and "meet" me through my About page, and find my coupon there!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Gift for You!

Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away?  I finished up my shopping yesterday, and while it will be a lean giving season for us, we are making the best of it.  I plan to wrap up every little thing so that there is still that excitement from a certain tween girl that says, "yep, I'm still a kid!"  And we'll have a decadent baking session going on this weekend...Yum!

In the spirit of giving, I am including a beautiful handmade fabric gift bag with every purchase of $10 or more (excluding shipping and epatterns) from my shop.  This offer is good from today through December 21st.  I've been making these fabric gift bags for my craft shows for years now, and sometimes I just get lost in creating something beautiful surrounding a gorgeous applique, and embellishing with festive trim.  

I hope you'll come on over and check out my shop and take advantage of my gift to you!  Happy Holidays!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Stitchin' to Celebrate!

It's time for a Winter Celebration with the Old Farmhouse Gathering team on Etsy!  I've been having fun creating several new items for you as well as adding some more favorites in my shop.

This little Santa ornament came together so beautifully, that I'm actually creating several to offer this time.  Such a great little gift for that coworker or hostess this season!

And this happy Snowman doll has lots of details and features that every collector would love!

There's much more to see in this wonderful celebration, so I hope you check out all of these 100% handmade items!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

No Waist Line Worries with my newest ePattern!

It's that special time of year when candy corns are plentiful and a scoopful here and there will make your dentist smile and your weigh scale moan! Did you know that if you grow them, they'll produce the most bountiful crop ever, AND they are also diet friendly?  Have some fun with my latest primitive epattern release...a Candy Corn Tree! 

This is a fun and quick project that can be stitched up in an afternoon. This pattern has lots of step by step photos to guide you through the completion of a great decor piece that can be enjoyed all during the fall season.  Pattern includes full size templates as well as detailed instructions and size variations for a stunning visual effect in this three dimensional centerpiece display. 

Find my latest epattern on my blog for a special low price, or in my Etsy and Patternmart shops as instant downloads!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Frolic Fun!

It's time for a celebration on the Old Farmhouse Gathering team!  Our team never ceases to amaze with all new, never seen handmade items for the season!  This year, I spent some time in my wool cabinet and created these beautiful pieces for you!

  I hope you'll stop in here and check out all of the new items!